about beth anne

Connection + Emotion 

As a photographer, my main goal is to connect with each client on an emotional level and bring that to life through an image.
I create real moments so the clients can look back on the images and see their authentic selves and a true reflection of how they felt in those moments. While I am based in South Bend, Indiana, I am pleased to offer destination photography all over the globe. 


Series Sessions Investment

30 minute $300

1-2 hour $600 

A little bit about My story + My why...

My father purchased my first film camera when I was in high school + I fell in love with black + white photography + time in the darkroom! I loved to create + view the world differently. I would see images even before I picked up a camera + would just take in a moment. 

Those moments + viewing the world differently all changed when I lost my parents suddenly...
To be honest I was filled with anger, sadness, + loss. How could my whole world change so suddenly + why?

Through all this pain + sadness I started to pick up the camera again. I wanted no one to feel what I felt nor not have the images to look back on if someone in their life passed. I turned all the negative thoughts into a positive. I knew my gift in life was to give back + I needed to start now!

I have the gift of giving others what I did not have... I can give them an emotion to connect with through an image. A hug from mom + dad, first dance with their father, a tear of joy, a memory to help with a loss, the list goes on... What better way to honor my parents + to fill my heart with joy again!

This is my why + I am thankful and blessed to do what I love + to give back... Welcome to Anderson Photography + My Story!

The Granny Series....

My grandmother lived a wonderful life till the lovely age of 96. Two years before she passed I wanted to spend the day with her learning how to make her amazing apple pie! Everyone in our family loved her baking + cooking but the apple pie was ranked the best. We actually had holiday gatherings where a pie would go missing towards the end of the evening- it was that good!

I knew around this time her mental and physical health was starting to take a toll. I wanted to bake one last pie with her while capturing each and every moment. She did not like having her photo taken so this was a little challenging at first but as she began putting all the ingredients together- she forgot I was even holding a camera. We reflected on many wonderful Christmas gatherings in the past, spoke about my parents and she definitely told me I was not slicing the apples correctly... which that was her and I loved that!

It was wonderful to watch each movement she would make with her tired hands + knowing she was putting all the love into each stir, adding her right amount of ingredient, and turning the old dial on her timer. I simply can remember the smell of cinnamon + freshly sliced apples. It was comforting + felt like home. Now I will have that moment forever with these images + I am so thankful for that!