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connection + emotion

As a photographer, my main goal is to connect with each client on an emotional level and bring that to life through an image.
I create real moments so the clients can look back on the images and see their authentic selves and a true reflection of how they felt in those moments. While I am based in South Bend, Indiana, I am pleased to offer destination photography all over the globe. For inquiries, please email at

Wedding & Engagement-
I begin with a consultation, with the goal to understand who the couple is. What do they enjoy? What is their life like? How can I incorporate those real moments into their photos? I want to get to know the client before I ever pick up the camera so that I can be in tune with them & their personalities during the shoot with the ultimate goal of capturing real moments…moments that can be immortalized through photography. From engagement sessions to full-service wedding photography, I deliver a cohesive photography package that tells the story of each couple and this special time in their lives.

Family session are all about bringing out those unique dynamics that make each family unit special. I begin by getting to know each family member’s personality. Then we choose a personalized location for the shoot, whether that is the family home or a favorite place. Next we create a custom mood board with regards to style, colors, and outfits (yes I help you choose what to wear-streamlining is the name of the game). I also offer personalized hair & makeup to ensure that you’ll look your best in your images. My goal is to make the entire family comfortable so I can capture real moments of interaction with one another. During the shoot, I capture real connection between members of the family by making the kids comfortable first. I being each session by relating to the children before ever picking up the camera, which allows me to get their real personalities once I look through the lens. It’s all about establishing a relationship and trust, ensuring that the final images are a mixture meaningful, fun, and real.

I believe everyone should embrace their bodies and have the experience of feeling sexy. My goal with each boudoir session is to guide the client through the process so they feel sexy and are able to let go and truly be themselves. Then we capture that magic on camera, resulting in images that reflect feelings of self confidence and self worth. Each boudoir session begins with helping the client feel comfortable in their own skin and celebrating their sexiness. My job is to ease them through their nerves, helping them push past limitations and insecurities, which results in a set of images that allow them to celebrate their own sexiness.

Empowering Sessions-As a photographer, my main goal for all of my shoots is to connect with each client on an emotional level and bring that to life through an image. With the Empowering Session however, we take it even further. The very definition of empowerment is to become stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights. I am here to guide you through the process to do just that—step into your authentic self and claim your power! This session isn’t just about getting a good shot (although the end result will be images that rock!), it’s about connecting with your truest self, owning it, and stepping into all that you are. My goal is to bring out the many facets of your personality and capture the essence of you on camera.

This session is for anyone who wants to feel empowered, regardless of age, race, or gender. Perhaps you’re going through a life change and want to have an outward expression of an inner transition, or maybe you simply want to take the next step toward really embracing who you are. If the idea of empowering yourself resonates with you, let’s talk! I’d love to help you feel that sense of empowerment and immortalize it in images that remind you of all that you are capable of!

Special Events-
From galas, to gallery openings, to charity events, and everything in between, I’m there to capture the moments of the night. I’ll provide you with candid interactions, formals, and an overall feel of the event from start to finish represented in images, which can be looked back on for years to come.